Your chances of getting pregnant increase if you are informed of your ovulation days.

Your chances of getting pregnant increase if you are informed of your ovulation days.

The two most crucial factors in terms of fertility are this information and your partner’s healthy sperm count. You undoubtedly already know how to calculate your ovulation dates in order to become pregnant, but did you also know that you may choose the gender of the child you wish to have?

Here’s everything you need about using an ovulation calculator to conceive a boy.

How to use an ovulation calculator to conceive a boy


How ovulation calculators can help you conceive a boy

It’s crucial to understand how ovulation functions and what causes it in the first place before delving into the components that determine the gender you give birth to and how to perform the calculation correctly. Several hormones are involved in causing ovulation. The luteinizing hormone is one such hormone, and it starts to increase as your body approaches ovulation. When the egg is finally released from the ovary, another stimulating hormone causes it to mature swiftly so that it is prepared for ovulation.

The luteinizing hormone acts on the lining of your uterus as ovulation approaches, supplying it with nutrients so that it is prepared when the egg enters. After that, another hormone responsible for ensuring that the sperm moves in the direction of the egg accomplishes its work. This particular hormone starts to increase until it reaches a threshold at which luteinizing hormone is compelled to increase as well. The process of ovulation drives the mature egg to travel into the Fallopian tube as both of those hormones rise.

Factors that favour the conception of a boy or a girl

Now that we’ve established what ovulation is and how it works, here are the factors that are responsible for your child’s gender. Understanding ovulation makes it easier to follow these factors. Usually, men produce two kinds of sperm, namely the X (female) and Y (male). The X-sperm is bigger and stronger, but slower than the Y-sperm, which are smaller and weaker but faster. To that effect, below are a few things you can do to help the conception of either a girl or a boy.


How ovulation calculators can help you conceive a boy


  • Timing

You have a greater probability of giving birth to a son if you have sex just before ovulation. This is due to the fact that Y-sperms arrive at the egg first since they move more quickly. However, because Y-sperm expires more quickly, if you have sex three days before your ovulation, you’ll probably get pregnant with a female. Therefore, if you desire a boy, have intercourse two days before and especially two days after ovulation.

  • The Vagina PH

A more acidic vagina PH will likely produce a girl because a high amount of X-sperm will be left to fertilise the egg. Meanwhile, a more alkaline surrounding helps conceive a boy. But, since some women have a naturally high level of acid, it will be harder to conceive a boy.

  • Sex position

It matters how deep a man penetrates the woman because a deeper penetration brings the sperm closer to the egg. This increases the Y-sperm’s chances of fertilization. However, shallow penetrations work in favour of conceiving a girl.

  • Orgasm

When a woman has an orgasm during intercourse, her body releases a substance that makes her stomach surroundings more alkaline. So for this reason, stay away from orgasms if you’re looking to have a girl.

  • Sperm count

A low sperm count affects your chances of conceiving both genders. So before trying for any gender, it is important to deal with the issue of low sperm count.

How do I use the ovulation calculator to have a boy?


How ovulation calculators can help you conceive a boy


You need to know the first day of your most recent period as well as the typical length of your entire cycle in order to utilize the ovulation calculator. For instance, a woman will ovulate after 14 days of her period if she has a 28-day cycle. whereas a 30-day cycle causes a woman to ovulate 16 days later. Consequently, the 10th through the 16th day of your cycle is when you are most fertile. Because of how readily this can be confused, using an ovulation calculator is crucial. The calculator only requires you to enter your details; it will then display the beginning of your ovulation. Online sites abound with ovulation calculators. Try the following steps if you want to have a boy.

  • Since you now have an idea on how the calculator works, when trying to have a boy make sure you have sex a day or two before ovulation, not three to four days before.
  • To have a boy, make sure your husband wears loose clothing, which means if he’s used to wearing skin tights he should switch to boxers. This is because the sperm needs a cooler environment in order to survive, a method that will greatly help the Y-sperms. However, don’t do the opposite when in search of a girl.
  • A nice cup of caffeinated coffee right before sex gives the Y-sperm a bump.

However, there is no comprehensive study that backs these procedures up. But it costs nothing, so there’s no harm in trying.

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