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KEYSCAPE is a unprecedented digital instrument that features the largest alternative of collector keyboards on the earth. From “holy grail” pianos to beautiful keyboards you didn’t even know existed, this is usually a keyboardist’s dream come true.

Ten years inside the making, each of these sought-after keyboards was rigorously restored after which deeply multisampled by the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Progress Employees. These compelling and intensely expressive sounds will encourage you to PLAY! The tactic began with going to the ends of the earth to hunt out and restore each one amongst these unusual and intensely specific gadgets with the very best technicians and expert craftsmen from each self-discipline. We even went as far as spending years redoing these gadgets from scratch many occasions until that they had been fully “correct.” This unbelievable consideration to factor and meticulous care given to each instrument allowed us to develop these sounds to a whole new stage of real tone.

Whereas it’s every performing keyboardist’s dream to have the right gadgets instantly on the market anyplace, Keyscape is equally useful inside the studio for producers and composers. Since these gadgets could also be merely transformed into excellent “unreal” sounds with the extremely efficient STEAM Engine® beneath the hood, Keyscape merely turns these coveted gadgets from Historic previous into trendy new sounds of the Future.

 Personalized Controls
The Personalized Controls launched for each Patch allow you to go far previous the distinctive sound. The intuitive interface incorporates useful effectivity controls and high-quality creative outcomes processing particularly crafted for each Patch. Tons of of included Patches showcase the excellent versatility and ability to dramatically customise these iconic sounds to your music. Real Expression
With lots of these collector gadgets, it’s truly the imperfections that make them so attention-grabbing. In its place of cleaning up the entire quirks and noises they make, we made sure to intently seize them since they are a big part of their vibe. Together with that, our software program program crew intently modeled the real habits and mojo of traditional amplifiers, primary outcomes objects, and distinctive subtleties like mechanical noises, pedal noises, and launch overtones to hold these sounds to a whole new stage of authenticity and dynamic expression. Hybrid “Duo” Sounds
Along with the a complete bunch of patches based totally on the 36 instrument fashions, Keyscape incorporates specific hybrid “Duo” sounds which combine two of the gadgets to create one factor solely new. The distinctive timbre of these Duo patches make them a number of of probably the most creative and galvanizing sounds in Keyscape! Omnisphere Integration
As a bonus for Omnisphere 2 clients, Keyscape moreover integrates completely as a satellite tv for pc television for laptop instrument contained in the Omnisphere® interface. Keyscape will merely appear as a library inside Omnisphere’s browser for patrons of every plugins. This performance permits Omnisphere 2 clients to harness additional efficiency like Keep Mode, Stack Mode, Multitimbrality, limitless FX routings and the entire synthesis power of the STEAM Engine® to find limitless new sonic potentialities and mixtures. Keyscape Creative Library
Keyscape now moreover incorporates this cutting-edge library of over 1200 patches particularly designed for patrons who even have Omnisphere 2. The richly detailed keyboard sounds of Keyscape have been dramatically transformed using Omnisphere’s deep synthesis capabilities. These actually excellent patches provide an particularly broad variety of unbelievable sounds for modern music producers. Technical Specs

  • Monumental library with over 500 “Most interesting-in-class” sounds, 36 Instrument Fashions and Hybrid “Duo” Patches
  • Deeply Multisampled sounds with as a lot as 32-way velocity switching, Spherical Robins, and so forth.
  • Mechanical Noise, Pedal Noise and Launch Noise habits modeling
  • Patches perform real circuit modeled amplifiers and outcomes
  • Obtainable as Download (77 GB) or Boxed USB Drives Model
  • Non-obligatory “Lite” arrange (30 GB) for stage use
  • Full Omnisphere® 2 integration

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